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    九年級英語導學案 Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!


      九年級英語導學案 Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!

      Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!

      Period 2 Section A(3a-3c) 2018.9.26

      What to learn



      3. 了解更多中華傳統節日,傳承節日文化。


      How to learn


      Let’s learn

      Task 1. Review the new words of P11 (復習11的新單詞)

      Task 2.導入:1.Do you like the Mid-autumn Festival?

      2.What did you do on the Mid-Autumn Festival?

      Task 3.聽錄音,選擇最佳選項

      -What story is the article about?

      -It is about ________.

      A.the story of Wu Gang

      B. the story of a rabbit

      C. the story of Chang’e

      Task 4. 中英匹配

      ( )1. in the shape of A.射下

      ( )2. carry people’s wishes B.擺開

      ( )3. shoot down C.傳統

      ( )4. steal D.與某人分享某物

      ( )5. admire E.飛向

      ( )6. folk F.拒絕去做某事

      ( )7. tradition G.如此….以至于

      ( )8. fly up to H.民間的

      ( )9. lay out I.以…的形狀

      ( )10. so...that... J.寄托著人們的愿望

      ( )11. share sth. With sb. K.偷

      ( )12. refuse to do sth. L.欣賞

      Task 5.Read Para 2 and match the characters with what they did.


      Task 5. 仔細閱讀課文,完成3b任務并核對答案。

      Task 6. 根據課文內容,完成3c任務。

      Let’s practice

      ( )1.________ he is,I want to see him/her.

      A.Who B.Where C.When D.Whoever

      (  )2.He wished that he ________ fly to the moon.

      A.can B.will C.could D.must

      (  )3.—What' s the problem?

      —There were________ many people ________ get in.

      A.so; to B.too; to C.so; that

      (  )4.—What did he do then?

      —He ________ there and ________ that he was ill.

      A.lied;lied B.lay;lied C.lies;lay

      (  )5.Nowadays the air problem gets ________.

      A.more and more serious B.much and much serious C.more and much serious

      Let’s think

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